Did you Know?

  • “Approximately 43% of York Region’s land base is designated as Agricultural or Speciality Crop lands (the Holland Marsh)” 

  • “If every household in Ontario spent $10 a week on local food, we’d have an additional $2.4 billion in our local economy at the end of the year. Keeping our money circulating grows those dollars to $3.6 billion and creates 10,000 new jobs” (

  • Good Food Box is a fresh and nutritious box of affordable fruits and vegetables delivered to your neighbourhood each month. The contents change with each delivery, depending on what is in season (

  • Community food security means “all community residents obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice” (Hamm and Bellows, J Nutr Educ Behav. 2003; 35: 27 -43)

  • “In 2005, obesity-related chronic conditions accounted for $4.3 billion in direct ($1.8 billion) and indirect ($2.5 billion) costs – a figure that may be an underestimation of the total costs of excess weight in Canada” (Public Health Agency of Canada. Obesity in Canada – Snapshot. Ottawa, 2009).

  • “Seven out of 10 children ages 4 to 8, and half of adults, do not eat the recommended daily minimum of five servings of vegetables and fruit” (Statistics Canada. The Daily – July 6, 2006 (Canadian Community Health Survey 2004).

  • “Statistics show that on any given day, 30% of kids living in North America visit a fast food restaurant” (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Report Card 2004 – Fat is the New Tobascco).

  • “52,000 York Region residents were assisted by York Region Food Network food banks in 2010. That’s a 20 percent increase from 2008”.

  • Food Security is 1 of 12 priorities in City of Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability Plan.

  • In York Region, “76 percent of food bank users’ income is spent on their rent or mortgage, plus utilizes”. (Hunger Report 2011, York Region Food Network)

  • “Ontario’s Greenbelt is world-leading legislation that preserves your food choices and defends your good taste. Its central purpose is to protect farmland from unnecessary and wasteful loss and over one million of its total 1.8 million acres is some of the richest farmland in the world.

  • The Greenbelt is southern Ontario’s fresh food source, with over 7,000 farms producing enough of it to feed all eight million plus of us…And as if that wasn’t delicious enough, the Greenbelt generates $5.4 billion a year in agricultural activity for Ontario’s economy” Fact Sheet for Food Farming PDF 

Flocking Options

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Best Practices in Local Food: a guide for municipalities (report)

Best Practices in Local Food: a guide for municipalities (report)

This guide assists municipal government to consider a range of initiatives in relation to Bill 36: Local Food Act and provincial Local Food Strategy. All initiatives outlined in 'Best Practices in Local Food' support the local food sector. Report developed by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network (OMKN), with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Rural Ontario Municipal Association and Sustain Ontario.
Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: a preliminary analysis of how Canadian cities and regional districts are involved in food system change (report)

Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: a preliminary analysis of how Canadian cities and regional districts are involved in food system change (report)

This report is an analysis of a cross-Canada survey of 64 food policy initiatives. Report is a project of the Toronto Food Policy Council, Vancouver Food Policy Council and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI).
Imagine a Garden in Every School (campaign)

Imagine a Garden in Every School (campaign)

By encouraging, supporting and championing a garden in every school, Imagine a Garden in Every School creates opportunities for children and youth to learn about ecosystems, experience healthy active living, practice life skills and discover the benefits of fresh food.
Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario is a province-wide, cross-sectoral alliance that promotes healthy food and farming. Their mission is to provide coordinated support of the development of food systems throughout the province that are healthy, equitable, ecological and financially viable through collaborative action. Sustain Ontario envisions food systems throughout Ontario that are healthy, ecological, equitable and financially viable.