Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in the York Region Food Charter and food programming in our communities.

To show support of our-food focused approach, we ask you to endorse the York Region Food Charter. To endorse the Food Charter, fill out the short form below.

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Membership opportunities to be a part of the York Region Food Charter:

Core Members are partners actively involved in the functioning of the York Region Food Charter Working Group including the coordination, stewardship and planning of the partnership and its activities.

Core members will be required to participate in meetings, and to volunteer to accomplish tasks on the work plan or other tasks that arise.

Involved Stakeholders are partners who may not be able to commit regularly to attend meetings, but are consulted frequently and provide some form of specific support to the project, such as participating in a subgroup of the Working Group. 

Friends of the Food Charter are kept informed of the progress and work of the Working Group via newsletters and email alerts, but are not directly involved in its work.