Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is a fresh and nutritious box of fruits and vegetables available from York Region Food Network and satellite sites each month. 

Three sizes/options of boxes are available: 

$10 for a small Good Food Box

$15 for a large Good Food Box

$20 for a large Local Good Food Box ** all produce in the Local Good Food Box comes from York Region! 

How the Good Food Box Program Works...

Customers place their orders with York Region Food Network and partner agencies on/before the 5th day of the month. 

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, customers pick up their order at York Region Food Network's office or from the partner agency where the order was taken.

The York Region Good Food Box operates every month. From month to month, the contents of the box may change to reflect what's in season, but the quantity of produce customers' receive will be the same.