The Story of the Food Charter


Throughout Canada, individuals, organizations and municipalities are working together to promote a food system that ensures nutritious, safe and affordable food for all.

The development and implementation of the York Region Food Charter aligns with this national food movement. By clearly identifying the community’s values and principles around the local food system and access to healthy food, the York Region Food Charter will shape policies, projects and initiatives that affect places where food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed (such as municipal facilities, schools, workplaces, and childcare centers).

The York Region Food Charter Backgrounder offers an overview of the history and rationale for a Food Charter in York Region.

What is the Role of Municipality and Regional Actors in the Food System?

Food is fundamental to every municipality and region. It impacts residents daily through processes that bring food from farm to table, and through its waste municipality practices.

The York Region Food Charter brings food system actors together - farmers and processors, municipal and regional actors, community organizations and local businesses - to dialogue, share information and leverage resources to build a more resilient and just food system for all.